Tips from the ER: Emotional Damage@steveioe

Your ideas are AMAZING. This series is definitely here to stay.
Also, tell me if there’s anyone I should make a skit with, I’ll always be in the comments.

“He works here”
– Steven Ho

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  1. Brilliant, although I am disbelieving Steven's dad's shock at the hospital prices. If the price really was his concern he would have moved to a first world country like the UK or France or Australia, or basically any of them. /s

  2. This screams 'Tips to give your Asian parents backhand Emotional Damage' lol. Thanks for the great collab we didn't know we needed !

  3. Skit idea: tv shows be like. So basically there is two antagonists and one villain. The two antagonists have to sacrifice one to deafest the Villiain. What happens at the end is that Hehe two antagonists turn out to kill eachother from trying to stop the villain and the villain just quits his job cuz its not worth it ????????????

  4. petition for this guy to collab with a chinese corn company to make bejing corn a real thing

  5. I can relate with this especially with dental work and consultation in Ireland ???????? where they charge €150 to extract one tooth ????

  6. Haiya why waste money go see doctor? Just use tiger balm or medicated oil! More effective!

  7. This is the crossover I never knew I needed, I Come across Stevens Tips from the ER shorts regularly on fb and just binge them for a long while now.
    Nice combo you two, double stevens.

  8. Brilliant! This made me laugh hard 😀 And it made me glad that I have health insurance. Currently having problems with my hand and even though I am am not wealthy I am able to see a specialist doctor without beeing afraid of eventual costs.

  9. Was that an uncle Roger msg refrence or do u just like msg

  10. That was so expensive, the pain tried to flee and ended up in the wrong arm in the end…

  11. Laughing all the way from Australia … well not really its kind of sad, the US seems so cold.

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