Tips on How to Be a Millionaire

WSJ’s Robert Frank writes about the wealthy for a living. So he has learned a thing or two about how the rich live, and how they make their money. In an installment of ‘Money Talks,’ Robert gives a few tips on how to get rich — told to him over the years by millionaires and billionaires.
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27 Replies to “Tips on How to Be a Millionaire”

  1. 1. Find something you love and pursue it with passion
    2. Gap in the market
    3. Be prepared for large sacrifice (pursuing a small idea for a very long time)

  2. Mr Frank you are a breath of fresh air ! Keep up your wonderful candid and most good humor about a subject that is so tricky and yet everyone wants . Bravo !

  3. Rockefeller – did it only for the money- worked really hard- didn’t get in trouble with the law

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  7. My Uncle started a company and someone told him that it wouldn't work he didn't listen and now he's a million air😀

  8. and if you want to do what you really want to do to become a wealthy person, find the correct life partner that supports you and your ideas. many successful people have divorced a few times. is that because of the reason I said?

  9. "… if everybody hates it, it's probably a great idea."

    lol, that's just ridiculous. So, the more people that hate your idea, the more likely it is you should move forward with it?

  10. This is the best advice I have ever heard anywhere, on how to become a millionaire. It is pure truth. I loved this. I clapped when it ended. You do not have to be an over-achiever to become a millionaire.

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