23 Replies to “Tomorrow Is A Lie | #Sadhguru #Lies #Tomorrow #Wisdom #Life”

  1. This content has left me feeling inspired and empowered. ????????

  2. Yesterday was a history , Tomorrow is a Mystery , but TODAY is a gift that is why it is called Present????????????
    Live your life Now????????????
    ॐ नमः शिवाय हर हर महादेव ????????????????

  3. "Today well lived will make every yesterday a memory of happiness !" – Kalidasa.

  4. Thank you for exposing the lies we are constantly fed …In the west it's worse than that…tomorrow is at the end of your life…..your told get through the stress of everything because retirement will be better and the best part of your life… finally you will be happy and stress free …at least their honest with you.

  5. we have a hope that tomorrow will be better than today. that's why we all are working today for that tomorrow. so that greatest thing that he said at the beginning is really the greatest ????????

  6. Nah like it says in the bible tomorrow can worry about itself.

    Well time to lite this blunt.

  7. Wrong choice of words sorry most of us believes that there is always hope. What ever the things that we wanted to be better today will not always what we wanted to be. remember life is not smooth as what we think it is but it always has obstacles for us to make us strong that's why there is HOPE as part of human belief to be motivated to strive hard in life.

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