Toothpick brain teaser (CAN YOU SOLVE?) ????

8th grade is way harder than I remember.

Full episode here:

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7 Replies to “Toothpick brain teaser (CAN YOU SOLVE?) ????”

  1. I solved it a different way.
    Take a toothpick from the 2nd group and place it over the equal sign to represent “not equal to”.
    1 + 1 + 111 ≠ 1111

  2. Kept trying to make it work in binary, but could only do that with "add a toothpick" not "move a toothpick" (Thought that would be perhaps a good spin on it. Or a round two.)

    1 + 111 + 111 = 1111
    1 + (7) + (7) = (15)

  3. I went with the roman numeral thing. Move 1 stick from the II stick and lay it across the IIII sticks. i + I + III = IIII

  4. Solved it but with another way.. I think. If you take the horizontal stick on the second plus sign. Make a lopsided V with the first stick to make it a Roman 5. It would be V + 1 – 3 = 4. Don't know if that counts though.

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