Top 3 Fave Korean Concealer for Blemishes 컨실러 추천

Hi loves!

So finally I’m doing the requested video of my top 3 favorite concealers. I decided to beak it into two parts for blemishes and for under eye dark circles. I’m still trying out few products for unde eye dark circle ones so once I have tried it for couple of weeks will update you guys with a review. So for the time being I hope you guys enjoy this one!


-Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer #1 light beige

-The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer #2 Rich Beige

-Innisfree Mineral Perfect Concealer (Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer Dupe) 31 Light beige

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I bought these products with my own money, except Innisfree Mineral Perfect concealer it was provided by keauty store. My thoughts and reviews are 100% honest.

20 Replies to “Top 3 Fave Korean Concealer for Blemishes 컨실러 추천”

  1. 외국어인데 한국어인줄 알고 계속 듣고 있었..
    제가 컨실러 찾고 있었는데 도움 완전 되네요!!♡

  2. Thank you…I bought the saem cover…and I realy suprised because it very useful for me…This produce is very good 🤗🤗

  3. i checked out the tones of etude house in store and both are off! 1 is pink while 2 is yellow. by right 2 should suit me more, but it's too dark. 1 is fair enough, but too pink. 

  4. i'm 21 for The Face Shop concealers/foundation and also for laneige bb cushion. will number 1 or 2 be a better fit? 

  5. Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer work so well on you ;; it DOESN'T EVEN cover a thing on my face! like .-. i don't get it. it makes my face a bit lighter and that's it sighs

  6. OMG the background music is an instrumental version of SNSD's How great is your love!

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