TOP Tips and Maneuvers to hone your Drone Flying Skills

As a professional Drone Pilot, you can always improve your skills. In this video, we show you some easy maneuvers for beginners, and some tricks on how to get better. The biggest tip is practice, practice, practice.

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18 Replies to “TOP Tips and Maneuvers to hone your Drone Flying Skills”

  1. These are some great tips. I was looking for some ideas for practice. I fly a DJI Spark and I don't use any of the limited auto features so I learned how to do a lot of these moves myself. My favorite move is pretty advanced and I will circle, while climbing and spin the gimble down, locked on a subject. I have to rotate both sticks and use my finger to move gimble all at the same time. Its hard to get it smooth, but if I go slow it looks good.

  2. I just got my hands on this HS220. First time newbie at drone flight. So I just wanted to power on , go up and down with it in my living room……. can't do it without constant tweaking and maneuver. Is it normal? It should just hover without effort once you let go the controller. Especially in a controlled environment with zero wind. Please help. Or I'm looking for a FPV woop drone that can stay put and be maneuvered with control. Thanks

  3. The orbit maneuver is almost the same as shutting the drone off in all the dji drone !!!

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