Top Watches for the Well-Dressed Gentleman | Teddy Baldassarre | Connoisseurs in Conversation

In today’s video, @TeddyBaldassarre joins Kirby for a Connoisseurs in Conversation discussing top watches for the well-dressed gentleman! Teddy did not disappoint and brought 12 beautiful watches ranging from a $200 Timex Marlin to a $26,000 Jaeger-LeCoultre Tribute Reverso.

Teddy runs a YouTube channel under his name exploring the world of quality, craftsmanship, and tradition in the world of watches. He is widely considered a leading expert. His website sells many of the watches featured in today’s video.

Watch our Watch Shopping video with Teddy on his channel!

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Watches Featured in Today’s Video
1. Timex Marlin Hand-Wound (
2. Orient Bambino 38 (
3. Seiko Cocktail Time (
4. Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles (
5. Baltic MR01
6. Junghans Max Bill (
7. Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Burgundy (
8. Longines 190th (
9. Baume et Mercier Clifton (
10. Vulcain Cricket
11. OMEGA Globemaster
12. Jaeger-LeCoultre Tribute Reverso

41:53 Amazon Longitude (

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Top Watches for the Well-Dressed Gentleman
0:00 Introduction
8:22 Timex Marlin
10:26 Orient Bambino 38
11:33 $200 vx $20k Mechanical Watch
13:46 Seiko Cocktail Time
16:04 Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles
20:57 Baltic MR01
24:05 Junghans Max Bill
27:42 Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Burgundy
29:01 Longines 190th
32:05 Baume et Mercier Clifton
34:21 Vulcain Cricket
38:30 OMEGA Globemaster
43:08 JLC Tribute Reverso
49:07 World of Grand Complications

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28 Replies to “Top Watches for the Well-Dressed Gentleman | Teddy Baldassarre | Connoisseurs in Conversation”

  1. Maybe its just the difference between Teddy's mics and yours, but Teddy's voice sounds a little off.

  2. Great episode. Many thanks to Kurby and Teddy. Great people each in his unique field.

    With love and appreciation


  3. Great job Teddy another video you carried Kirby through I recognize that he’s a so called Gentleman but he needs to losen up a bit “fake vibes”

  4. you actually still need watches today. Alot of jobs have a no smart phone policy where you can't even look at your phone for the time, since it looks unprofessional and like your not doing your job. And you need time for breaks and to see how much of your shift is left

  5. The Bambino can be had for $130 I believe in some online stores. Thats where I got mine over a year ago. Excellent watch

  6. I'm of the opinion that a gentleman's watch should be subtle, elegant, but also a ridiculously ostentatious display of wealth. Kirby, you need a Patek Philippe Calatrava in your life.

  7. Love the Bambino, incredibly well-done watch. This and the Seagull 1963 are my favorite dress watches.

  8. i had a lot of watches in my life, but the one with the most compliments is one that was not expensive that much: the Orient Star Gold SAF02001S0

  9. God I’m so torn between living as a rugged man in the mountains and wanting to be a polished man of class and elegance

  10. Very similar to what he brought with him when being featured on Hugo Jacomet's channel, at least on the lower end. So apparently Teddy has one drawer of watches he pulls out whenever talking to a "classic menswear guy" ???? great video, nevertheless.

  11. Just fascinatingly! The rapport between you two is so great. You both had fun!

  12. Love this, so helpful to people who are new to watches and don't want to spend tens of thousands. Thank you, Kirby!

  13. Love this. I admire the content from both you and Teddy. Also, I love your Chopard. Beautiful timepiece.

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