Totally EAR RELIEF for Masks 🥰 Learn in 2 Minutes

Learn how to make ear savers for surgical masks and how to make ear savers for nurses. This DIY face mask ear saver or fabric ear guards for masks are great to replace headband with buttons for face mask and headband with buttons for nurses. Learn how to make ear savers for face masks and face mask connector mask adaptors in 2 minutes with this face mask ear saver sewing pattern cotton mask tutorial! This face mask ear saver ideas as ear relief for masks and ear savers for masks DIY button. You can make this face mask button strap pattern or fabric ear protectors for masks using any fabric.

Materials used in this craft project ideas:
• Cotton fabric for mask making:
• Felt fabric crafts:
• Buttons for craft work:
• Ironing board for sewing:
• Sewing machine for beginners:
• Sewing kit for beginners:
• 90/14 sewing machine needle:
• Scissors for fabric cutting:
• Thread cutter scissors:

Watch other DIY crafts project ideas:

Chapters for this ear mask protector:
0:00 Ear mask saver
0:10 Prepare the fabric
0:24 Get ready to sew
0:34 Trim the fabric
0:44 Turn the fabric
0:54 Pressing fabric is important
1:02 Sew one last time
1:12 Prepare the button
1:33 The result

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Happy crafting with your endless brilliant ideas!

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  1. Thanks for your sharing ! It's really useful. I am a junior high school teacher from Taiwan and my students are attending a competition. We want to ask your permission if we can use your video in our presentation? We'll definitely cite the source. 🙂

  2. I’m making this for my mom and dad they work almost every day and they have to wear their mask and their ears already turn red. This is very useful 🥰

  3. Lovely.. very useful..I am really feeling happy to escape from the ear pain.. thanks for sharing the video

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