Training at the SP House- Music

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17 Replies to “Training at the SP House- Music”

  1. Could anyone say where to find the instrumental of this song? I mean beat of the song?

  2. i cant find the speech anywhere, can some one help me? thanks alot!

  3. Where does the beginner start? Starting to workout with only bodyweight. Where kind I find a routine to get to this level?
    Thanks for any info

  4. What is the word to describe this type of balancing I want to learn to to reach that level of balance and how to research it anyone care to input?

  5. Malcolm X? Really? Care to glorify Timothy Mcveigh while you're at it? Disappointed.

  6. The song is called Money Make by Geko.
    The lyrics are from a snippet of a speech by Kwame Ture the speech was about " Culture as a social engineering/entertaining vehicle."

  7. Yo! i've been doing capoeira now for 3 weeks, im part of a group and we have 3 classes a week as well. What strength training routine would be best to mix and schedule with my classes? awesome vid btw, your thoughts on this would be appreciated 😀

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