Transform Your Patio Into An Outdoor Oasis and Movie Theater | Home Becomes (Ep6)

In this sixth episode of the “Home Becomes” makeover series, Monica Mangin transforms an underutilized patio into the perfect outdoor living space for living, dining, and cooking. Learn how to create your own outdoor oasis, with projects like a refinishing an old table, creating a custom cooler and serving bar, and even an outdoor movie screen.

1:04 – Refinish Old Outdoor Dining Table
3:20 – Custom Cooler Serving Bar
5:37 – Food Prep Station
7:33 – Outdoor Movie Screen

Whiskey Barrels:
Valspar English Tea Party Paint:
Valspar Camo Green Paint:
Valspar Pine Bark Paint:
Valspar Duramax Exterior Paint:
Valspar Ultra White Paint:
Butcher Block:
4×4 Cedar Posts:
Movie Screen Drop Cloth:
String Lights:

Kreg Jig:
Craftsman Impact Driver:
DeWalt Jigsaw:
Craftsman Speaker (for movie theater):

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24 Replies to “Transform Your Patio Into An Outdoor Oasis and Movie Theater | Home Becomes (Ep6)”

  1. I just found this video and I’m in love with all your creations. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Please be extra considerate of neighbors with outdoor media– is there enough space in the yard that neighbors outside can enjoy their own plans? Because everyone on the street probably does not want to partly hear the movie, or the music.

  3. i have a deck, and i need to keep the sun off me because of skin cancer. i would like a roof over my deck instead of a tent.

  4. Monica I love you and your channel.
    Your projects are always so amazing and fabulous….and i love the way you make them look easy to do. Great, great, great

  5. I would like to do something like this but it’s too hot outside lol.

  6. What a great wife you seem to be! I get the cost end is going to be a bit but with that property and DIY abilities you have given me so much to go on. My biggest question is how to deal with the mosquitoes? Awesome videos thanks for putting it up! Well done looks incredible

  7. We’re can I find those outdoor chairs that you used in your outdoor dinning table????

  8. I just stumbled on your videos recently and love your ideas. I have the tools and skills to do these projects, I just lack the imagination. I do have a question about the carpet that's underneath the fire pit? Is it flame retardant? I would be concerned about sparks coming from the fire pit and landing on the carpet.

  9. WOW!!
    I’m super excited about doing my deck and I have a camper in the mountains that I would love to apply these ideas to. ????????????????????

  10. found this video just in time for me to learn how to FIX stuffs around my new house 🙂

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