Traps Workout Tricks – Towering Traps…WITHOUT Classic Shrugs!

One of the most stubborn muscle groups for guys to build is the traps and upper back. It’s not for lack of doing traps workouts though. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. Most guys are banging away rep after rep of classic shrugs and unfortunately still not getting anywhere.

Did you ever wonder why that is? The traps and upper back muscles tie into each other and work in conjunction. If you’re training your traps with trap workouts that rely solely on isolation of traps, then you’re definitely missing the
big picture. Actually…missing the secrets or Trap Workout Tricks that will blast
your upper back into all new growth.

Let celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere show you exactly how he developed his attention getting traps and let you in on the training methods his top pro athletes are using to get theirs.

When you’re done overcoming your trap deficiencies, then head over to and get his complete system for getting your entire body
to stand out and draw attention (in a good way!). Get his AthLEAN-X Training System and build that strong, athletic, pro athlete body in just 90 days!

28 Replies to “Traps Workout Tricks – Towering Traps…WITHOUT Classic Shrugs!”

  1. Oh good because i HATE doing shrugs. It doesnt hurt or nothing but anything that strains my neck area freaks me out. Nothing worse than having a sore neck.

  2. Hey Jeff love your videos, but I feel like this rhomboid pushup works the serratus, can you please reassure me?

  3. Hello jeff love ur advice and show..just want to know i'm a. 16 year fatso boy..can i transform at this age

  4. Jeff, I love your program and exercise videos! I've been weight training for 43 years now and started getting bored going to the gym and doing the same old things. Your program has made working out fun and challenging again. I would however like to see some specific neck exercises. When I did a search for neck exercises I only found trap exercises and none geared to the neck specifically. What do you recommend?

  5. In the very last exercise, I normally use a 25lb plate and raise and lower it. I have never actually done the shrug with it before. Just getting up and trying the motion with the shrug really lets me feel it in my traps. I have been working my ass off with the normal shrugs and other various traps workouts. I will definitely try these because it seems like my traps just aren't where I want them to be. Because everyone who fully watches this video….we really want the awesome looking traps!

  6. Terrific options, I've been on the 'definition of insane' path, doing the same exercises, though harder, and getting the same results (I'm 57 so was on the path for a while:) Thank you so much. I have NOT been doing these and they are really tremendous options, thanks.
    James in Maui 

  7. hi jeff!!

    i go heavy on traps. But the problem is,am unable to build tower traps(like you),instead am getting overall traps built up,which is not am looking for. could you please help me…….

  8. Like it! but what if you don't have access to a kettle bell? can you use a dumbell as well?

  9. It's the eccentric lowering part of the rep that nails the rhomboids. Remember, whatever a muscle does to contract it must eccentrically control to get back to the starting position. I have tried this exercise that Jeff recommends and it KILLS my midback (in a good way of course!)

  10. Thanks Jeff. I've been looking for other ways to train my traps and found your video.

  11. I think shrugs are the most worst excersize in the world i hate them so much. I have good traps without ever doing a shrug. But this excersizes you showed are great. Because you can Train your trap almost everytime when u Train your back or your shoulders.

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