Traveling West Was Dangerous

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This week, we’re back in the WIW with a wagon train making its way across the prairie. Accompanying the wagon train is a large mechanized wagon equipped with the necessary tools to keep giant monsters at bay.

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22 Replies to “Traveling West Was Dangerous”

  1. Would love to see one of these Forts. Armed to the teeth and maybe have a couple unique additions, like a Tesla Coil for defenses?

  2. It'd be cool to see one of these dioramas tackle a group of one of the indigenous nations dealing with a monster attacker. Could be a whole other dimension to these wonderful scenes you're creating. Keep up the amazing work, your updates are always a highlight of the week.

  3. Always a pleasure to see the W.I.W universe. Cannot stress enough how much I love this setting, especially with your narration. You're like the Bob Ross of Dioramas.

  4. (Idea for the next video) maybe with h the spare wagons he could make one into a walker stuck in a canyon or a sink hole and then the other wagon and the spare horses could be used to help the walker out of the hole.

  5. hey how about you build a western group attacking a tripod from war of the worlds that well be cool thanks if you see this

  6. The pebbles and color of the water looks perfect! Nice to see that it’s normal to have such a messy work space mid project.

  7. if the ground was a bit bigger and there were enoughspace for all 5, I would have found it really cool if one of the normal ones was broken down/lying in the river and the mech in addition to protection was also a recovery vehicle.

    The two that weren't used here could be attached behind each other and the back have its roof removed so that the mech could stay there when it isn't needed so it doesn't slow the group down.

  8. I would have mounted a mini gun on thr front of the mech. The cannon barrel near your face is going to be a bad time.

  9. Wiki wiki wild
    Wiki wild wiki
    Wild Wild West, Jim West, desperado,
    Rough rider
    No you don't want nada

  10. You know, next time you put guns on a mech, you could try having some stick out the side, C-130-Gunship style. Maybe on one of the bigger landship mechs the military uses? I bet that would look awesome.

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