Treating Children for Sensory Processing Disorder

The symptoms seem like normal toddler or preschool behaviors: picky eating, tantrums over what clothes to wear and clumsiness. But for some children extreme sensitivity to certain things can be explained by sensory processing disorder, or SPD. WSJ’s Sumathi Reddy joins Lunch Break to discuss. Photo: iStock

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26 Replies to “Treating Children for Sensory Processing Disorder”

  1. As a child (12 y/o) with this, don’t force your kids to wear what they don’t want. don’t make them wear jeans or leggings if they don’t want to.

  2. So glad I got the best treatment for my autistic son who is only 4 years old I've been using Dr Oyalo Herbal medicine and it has been really helpful,💯 his speech has improved completely and he can now respond to name when called and can also say what he want.

  3. I have Sensory Processing Disorder, however I don’t have adhd or autism. I have problems with smell, loud noises, eating and I have problems with being touched 😔

  4. i had sensory issues for my hearing as a kid, and i still do now. i remember i was wating for my bus to come and all of a sudden i heard a firetruck go by with their sirens ON. when i tell you that i covered my ears and i went into panic mode-

    but the firefighters were so kind bc they saw me and turned them off :3

  5. I am someone with spd I have started to get used to it but before I was told I had spd I was told I have adhd so life is way harder with spd I have know that I had this for 5 years

  6. If anyone is interested there is a book called "The Out of Sync Child." This book has opened my eyes to my child is perceiving the world and has allowed me to understand that these kids need more help than your average bear.

    Lots of times it might seem like the kid is lazy, or too hyper, or that our kids are off and that tbey're being stubborn. Truth is that they're not always faking it. If you see your little one struggling, sometimes it's not because they don't want to, it's because they CAN'T and need MORE practice than a normal kid.

    The book explains this stuff in so much detail and gives you a good sense of the systems involved with sensory processing. Reading the book, you'll discover just HOW MUCH WE TAKE FOR GRANTED, and helps you understand that your child isn't seeing things the way you're seeing them, no matter how trivial it might be.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but I would encourage every parent that is having issues that their child's doctors and teachers can't quite nail down to read this book. It's so helpful and it's given me so much more empathy and understanding towards my little one.

    Hope this helps.

  7. My 3 year old son diagonised with autism ADHD also SPD still he is not talking it's very hard to live n cope up with that. As a mother I have to be very strong but still am so dippressed.

  8. I hate touching fleece and soft fabrics so now im here. Emergency vehicles with loud sirens make me so uncomfortable im 31 and just finding this out. Used to think it was normal

  9. DSM is always behind the times… So that’s not an end all argument. Tell someone with it, it’s not a disorder.

  10. I have it. I can't touch anything without getting goose bumps or having a minor break down. I can't stand it- the people who make fun of found out and now they take those pictures change book parks and scratch them by my ear, just to see me literally die inside. I hate life so much, and part of why is this sensory disorder or whatever. 🙁

  11. Mmmm i didn’t know it wasn’t technically a real disorder lol 😂 cause the doctor just diagnosed me because I got sensory overload in the doctors office. And then she diagnosed it right there. So I thought it was an official one lol Bc the doctor usually guesses diagnosis’s wrong. (Like I was walking on my toes for the majority of my life and then they made me get an MRI scan Bc it could’ve been tethered spine… 😂 it was kind of unnecessary.)

  12. I’m an adult with this as well as recently being diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, life is seriously difficult as an adult so please don’t downplay it like this, adults do struggle

  13. I am glad and happy to post about Dr. PEJU, he is great, he cured my daughter of 5 years who has Autism, now she relates with a friend and well behaves like every other normal child. All thanks to his great Herbal medicine. Please if your child is a victim just contact him I believe he has answers WhatsApp +2347019583281 or

  14. I am hypersensitive to bright light and sounds because my medication but my son is showin signs spd or autism xx

  15. Thanks to everyone taking their time to read this testimony on how my son was saved from Autism.
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  16. Can someone help me , okay my son at age 3 was seen by a specialist our dr thought he could have autism well we took him and he passed all testings , well on the notes they wrote possibly borderline of sensory disorder? Now mind you I never ever SEEN THAT PART , of the notes through out all these years my son who is 10 now , has a lot of trouble with a lot of things I do have a long list of examples, for one he is triggered by someone chewing the person doesn’t have to be even close to him , another thing is how we pronounce our words of it ends with a P, C, K it fires him up it ruins his day , and another one his clothings he can’t stand anything to loose or with a shirt that has any graphic that are felt like rubber or sticky or heavy wool , and as he was growing loud noises I would have to close his ears to flush the toilet when he was younger and the other main thing is he doesn’tseem to have emotion when someone is showing emotion for example if he is having a tantrum or he is simply not ok with whatever triggered him ealier it gets so bad to where I cry because it I don’t know what helps to calm him down and when I do show some crying he actually says stop or yells for me to stop crying or just seems disconnected with his feelings for someone, but he is great in school he doesn’t have a problem being social with friends but when it’s a family gathering he tends to stay away unless his cousins are there then he will interact with them , he dose hug me says I love you I just need help I need to get him seen again

  17. I have sensory issues and my family and I know I have autism. We still haven’t got it confirmed but we know. Because of how I’ve acted in my childhood. Like getting awards ( for autism) and like certain clothing ( my sensory issues)
    With me getting awards I’d sometimes cry or freeze. And my teacher called my mum in year 3 saying “your son burst into tears after getting an award and my classmates were trying to calm me down but I cried louder. And then with clothing I can’t wear things with do up buttons or zips. Zips not as bad. Then jeans. The inside of the jeans with all the buttons and stuff. I definitely have autism

  18. Pretty sure a kid I know has this. Personally I get tired of the coddling the kid gets. I tell him it’s not worth crying about. Yelling at them doesn’t help at all or they’ll completely break down.

  19. I probably still have this but I’m not confirming it but I say that because I am a picky eater with adhd and I still dont like clothes but I wear them because as a child I was always cold

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