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  1. Man cant wait to try these tips, always find myself getting the lock, but very difficult to execute the submission.

  2. Yes it can. This isn't an air choke, it's a blood choke. Your brain can only go upwards of 45 seconds without blood before dying. So, yes, if applied properly, this could easily kill someone, as they'll have passed out within the first 5-15 seconds.

  3. Its not about core strength its about bad execution of the choke usually 2 mistakes:
    1. The choke is too square so your don't get the tightness.
    2. Not sweeping his ground arm off the ground. This arm if left there allows him to shift weight to his legs (stacking)

    A well executed choke will not leave him with enough oxygen to try and stack on you, let alone lift you up. So its mostly poor execution.

  4. Perfect video folks.

    1. Most failed chokes are too square.
    2. Most guys don't sweep the ground arm. This arm allows him to shift weight to his legs (stack).

    Check the rampage slum video the guy made the same mistakes and rampage made him pay. A good choke should cut off his oxygen quickly enough to prevent stacking.

  5. It's extremely rare that this happens. It's happened twice in Pride that I can remember, and I can't remember it happening in the UFC, or any smaller organizations. I could be wrong about this, of course, but unless you're facing a freak athlete with AMAZING core strength, the chance of them doing it before they pass out is about the same chance of getting hit by lightning.

  6. People have done it. It's extremely unlikely that someone with people in the same weight class, but rampage has done it to arona in pride, and i've seen it in several amateur comps as well. Generally, it has to be done before it's fully locked in, or as soon as it's locked in, but it's still possible.

  7. Reposition. If you have the triangle locked well, It's going to take a lot of energy to hold that stack. Swivel your hips towards him and grab the leg.

  8. you have to be very lucky. im still working on that, as theyre setting it up you can pick them p but once it gets locked in its almost impossible

  9. The only thing I have trouble with is remembering which side you lock up on, now I know the side you have the arm is the side you lock up….THANKS!!

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