Trimming a WAY Overgrown Elderberry & Climbing Roses! 🌿✂️🙌 // Garden Answer

Trimming a WAY Overgrown Elderberry & Climbing Roses! 🌿✂️🙌

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16 Replies to “Trimming a WAY Overgrown Elderberry & Climbing Roses! 🌿✂️🙌 // Garden Answer”

  1. Have the same clematis with lovely purple bells. Hope mine grows as beautiful as yours.

  2. Pruning roses without gloves? Braver than I am. Way too many cuts and bruises in the past to approach roses without gloves for me!

  3. There used to be a clematis back in that corner. Guess it didn't work out.

  4. I have NEVER liked that elderberry because it looked so wild and crazy. It looked great after you trimmed it up!!

  5. Hello. Thanks for the video. I'm sure you have plenty fails however I use this channel as a place to learn and like a chef cooking a recipe, see what the end result should look like. The desire to have pretty things to look at keeps me going. I was courious if the trim of the elderberry a 360 shaping or just long the walkway. Couldn't really tell. Thanks!

  6. I am in love with how the Elderberry turned out. Mine are all babies right now, but once they grow I will definitely train to be like this one. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens with us. You give me so many ideas and you are such a wonderful inspiration. ❤

  7. The way you trimmed the elder berry looks gorgeous. I love it. I'm enjoying watching your videos while hibernating inside from our heat wave right now. 110 yesterday.. too hot. Fresno California.

  8. In the fall maybe you should move it to the south garden. It needs room to grow as it needs to.

  9. Oh to have the 60's and low humidity at night…….here in W. TN, we are in for days of over 100, but with a high dewpoint of above 70, that will add the humidity to make the heat index probably close to 120…….and we are lucky to get down into the 70's at night…….usually 80's……My plants are suffering sooo badly this year. 😰😰😰

  10. Whenever I trim roses I am bloody all over 😂. How do you manage to not get even a scratch?

  11. Thank you for sharing what your overgrown space looks like – makes me not feel soooo bad about ours. I also wanted you to know that you have inspired me over the years. From being afraid to fail to growing food for our family successfully! And knowing if I have questions I can look up pretty much anything on your channel and get answers. So, with that being said – we have started our own Lavender Farm on top of everything else. We just put 503 plants in the ground on 7/16/2022. Thank you for being our inspiration! Liberty Hill Laender Farm, LLC !!!!! Thank you Laura and Aaron!!!!

  12. Laura, the elderberry looks amazing! You should have done that sooner but now is awesome! If I get one, I will prune it as a tree, love it! That was so satisfying! Hugs🤗💗💜💛💜💗🤗

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