Trump PROVES HIMSELF WRONG after his own expert finds 'NO FRAUD of any kind' as probing fraud claims

Trump PROVES HIMSELF WRONG after his own expert finds ‘NO FRAUD of any kind’ as probing fraud claims

19 Replies to “Trump PROVES HIMSELF WRONG after his own expert finds 'NO FRAUD of any kind' as probing fraud claims”

  1. Do not "both sides" our existential dilemma! The encroaching fascism must call all hands on deck. AC, you know better, shame on you!

  2. Yea why do people need teleprompters and notes when they are reporting or giving a speech. Everyone's memory skills should be impeccable at this point.

  3. …and baby trump, DeSantis does the same thing. He sent undercover officer to a drag show in Orlando and ordered them to report to him on any lewd or possible sexual behavior to justify him in shutting the business down. They reported there was no inappropriate behavior. He shut them down anyway lying about the findings of the officers. Those who support him as an alternative to Trump need to study what he has done in Florida…he is worse.

  4. Everyone knows trump lost and is corrupt! Now when can we start talking about Biden corruption?

  5. Of course trump knew…. But he can't raise millions on the truth. Wire fraud anyone?

  6. I'm a hardcore Democrat liberal, and I would vote for Pence long before most of these Republican clowns who are throwing their hats into the ring. Pence is the only one that stood up to the mass histeria and stuck with what was right. In a very tough sutuation. I will still go with the Democratic party's choice to run in 2024, and never EVER tRump. Worst ever choice, worse than anybody before. That orange individual comes closer to my idea of who the Antichrist would be than anybody. Put the orange entity in an orange jumpsuit and lock him up. Please.

  7. Trump is a sore loser. His huge ego overpowered ant sense of sensibility he had…but wait, he has no sense of anything stable.

  8. SO WHAT!!?? This is "NEWS"?? Every Audit, Recount & Investigation was arranged & Financed by Trump Supporters!! ALL OF THEM!! Every one of them came to the same conclusion, "TRUMP LOST" the 2020 Election!! Two Years ago!!
    Who remembers the "Cyber Ninjas"?? Trump declared the Ninjas to be the "FINAL WORD"!!
    They FINALLY Surrendered their results. TRUMP LOST the 2020 Presidential Election!!
    So now we have Trump's word against the rest of the world!!
    With the exception of the MAGAts, it's clear, Trump Lost!!
    Despite the WELL DOCUMENTED Record of Trump's Felonies & Acts of TREASON, AG Garland will continue to look the other way from everything & anything TRUMP!!
    Jack Smith is more akin to an Alter Ego or Imaginary Friend of Merrick Garland's Creation.
    Because I have only seen ONE Photographic image of this "Jack Smith" Character, I'm inclined to believe he is as real as Santa Clause &/or BATMAN!!
    Finally, in terms of "American Justice", I have more faith in BATMAN!!

  9. Trump was saying before the Election at one of his Covid Rallies that if he Lost-They would have to Stolen from him, He Said and everybody Ran around trying to put this in place from the Start, They Told him he would Lose to Biden- Why send Rudy and Russians running around overseas?????? This started with Trump and all the sick-a-fans running around trying to help him not "Lose" or get Dirt???????????? Come on People

  10. the more despicable media always pretending convinces the society that was not fraud, like we are stupid, but the perversity and the perverts, apparently they forget, " bush vs al Gore " " " Clinton vs sanders" and now "Biden vs trump", I don't feel any political sympathy
    but I feel exact the same for the growth information and idiots journalists.

  11. All of these facts about age are great, but the reality is…facts aren't going to change the minds of most people.
    If people think it's purple when its red, it will stay purple in their mind.
    Perception is a very difficult thing to change.

    Look at Trumps followers, perfect example.

  12. I saw the title and thought… OMG just like bobo's dh. ???????????????????? exposing himself to children.

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