Trying 😱KYLIE COSMETICS 2018 Holiday Collection *Honest Review*

Hey babes, today i am trying KYLIE COSMETICS 2018 HOLIDAY COLLECTION. Enjoy! Love ya, ANY

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🙋 My name is Anežka.
🇨🇿 I am from Czech Republic, Prague. I was born 25.5.1994.
🌈 Believe in my dreams & unicorns…Positive thinking..
🐰 I am using cruelty free cosmetics.
🎥 I am photographer and cinematographer
🇺🇸 Want to live in NYC with my boyfriend!
❤️️ My boyfriend is rapper and musician AMCO. We are together from October 22, 2010. His YouTube channel:…


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30 Replies to “Trying 😱KYLIE COSMETICS 2018 Holiday Collection *Honest Review*”

  1. I love your English Any, your accent is cute. Looove your chanel❤️👑👑👑❤️👑👑👑💚👑👑👑🖤

  2. Hi! English is actually my third language. I really like to talk to random people in English, even though, it ends up by "don't use it, if you don't know how" and that's the thing… she has probably made this yt channel to make her English even better and better by using it in videos. No need to comment it negatively. Her first language is Czech. Is she good at Czech? It's fine to correct her to help her out, but by hate comments you won't help her in any ways.

  3. I mean….I don't mind your english(your english is not the best, but mine isn't too),but it is different and weird to hear you talking czech language and then just english. And also I wanted to mention, that you're still doing better and better. Go for your aims, girl. There's a long way of suffering and there will be also a lot of snags, but you will overcome and all of the suffering will be worth it. GOOD LUCK!😀

  4. Ahoj❤️Chtěla bych se zeptat jestli by jsi sem nechtěla dávat i české titulky🥰

  5. Tak tohle? Ta anglina je mega skvela. Akorat pusobis trochu nervozne. Kasli na lidi, ti zavidi ten prizvuk😅💓

  6. I think that you have really good english , but you should work on it a little bit. And be more open like in your czech videos you know what i mean. Love you

  7. Anyy, tyhle anglický videa jsou skvělý, přirozený. Určitě pokračuj! I’m so in love with it!🤩🙏🏻

  8. Proč děláš americký videa 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦pane bože měla jsem tě ráda ale teď ty *** na co si hraješ !!

  9. Tak ty stíny jsou naprosti mimo no to se ti tentokrat nepovedlo 🙂 ale jinak angličtina super :))) snad budou lepsi a lepsi videa 🌸💐🌺

  10. I love your channel, it's just so different and unique compared to other beauty Gurus, also you have an amazing personally and I love your videos

  11. I have to say that it is not true.I learned Czech when I was a child because where I am from Makarska Rivjera (you probably know it) there are a ton of Czech people every summer. You can learn Czech really easily. Mé laskavé pozdravy do hezké České Republiky. Neber to špatně, ale váš jazyk není tak těžké se naučit. Pro chorvatské lidi to není tak těžké.
    Chci ti v životě všechno nejlepší. Najljepši pozdravi iz Hrvatske!

  12. Wtf, leave her alone.. She is doing hella great videos.. Her english is really good, its just the.. Eh.. Accent i guess? Or maybe her voice, it sounds nervous, but she is really good at english.. Dont be mean guys.. She just wanna get better at something, unlike y'all probably:)
    Love you sweetie❤️

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