Trying Centurious Lenses! | Black Friday

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17 Replies to “Trying Centurious Lenses! | Black Friday”

  1. I got a killstar kreepture will u be buying ur child killstar kreeptures I love your baby bat hat for your baby

  2. Some lenses burn because they weren't put into the correct solution, or they weren't cleaned long enough before the first wearing.

    Also, it depends on the material they are made of. You want to get contacts that "breath", which allow air to flow through the material, and not starve your eye for oxygen. This can also give the feeling of stinging and scratching.

    Cheaper lenses aren't usually cut properly for people to wear them for more than a few hours, once. The edges of the contacts can scrape your eye, which will also cause burning sensations and like your eye is bleeding.

    Always get the softest material, material that "breathes", and material that is properly cut for wearing on the eye.

  3. They look so giant and scary compared to normal ones 😰 I could never omg but they look so cool and interesting

  4. Whyyy are you so adorable through and through??? With or without makeup, just as a person, all around. Adorable.

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