10 Replies to “Turn old laptop into network storage device | NETVN”

  1. i truely admire what you doing specially when i see you using your iphone camera to record these videos , thanks for educating us 🙂

  2. When I download the freenas Takes it to install all night and after that also does not work

  3. This is a very easy step by step
    my only problem now is on LAN/WAN connection and configuration starting from zero (new router, modem etc)

    If you have a video on that one I humbly request you share the link.

  4. Hi guys, does this software supports wake on Lan feature? Or the laptop has to be always on and consume electricity ?

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  6. Good morning. With this install, can the NAS be accessed remotely like an original Synology NAS? This would be critical access for my use. Thanks.

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