Ultimate 5 INGREDIENT Cooking Battle!! | Sorted Food

What can you possibly cook with ONLY 5 INGREDIENTS?! Today we find out when we put our normals to the ULTIMATE TEST!! Who will be your winner? Comment Below!

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15 Replies to “Ultimate 5 INGREDIENT Cooking Battle!! | Sorted Food”

  1. Barry is actually brilliant at plating at times. If i got that in a restaurant id be very happy.

  2. Can someone clarify the process please ?
    I thought this was basically like Ready, Steady, Cook, where three normal's are given ingredients without any prior knowledge, and then have to utilise them in various recipes. However, it appears they are given a list of ingredients to buy and then presented with the menus for each selection. Is this the case, and if so, where is the ultimate test ? I would prefer the first scenario, cos I am a sadist.

  3. Video idea: you guys like to budget and gas/electric has skyrocketed recently so my idea is a pass it on with say 60 minutes of appliance use. Every pot/waffle maker/oven will use 1min of that time per minute. Using 2 pots and an oven? You're using 3min per min so you're budgeting time and ideally a food budget as well £.

  4. Seriously, that silken tofu hack has stayed with me since you talked about it and I've found so many uses for it in my own cooking. It's incredible in both savory and sweet dishes. I would not have heard about it if not for you all!

  5. How about giving them the same 5 ingredients and see what they come up with?

  6. Thanks Mke. I wondered why my mousse didn’t have the right texture when I make it with tofu. I have been hand mixing it. I will use the food processor next time, or my Ninja blender. And I will try the citrus to cut through the sweetness. I appreciate this video very much.

  7. Idea for a video: you do a grocery shop and then each normal takes it in turns to cook any meal. So whatever is left over after the first one goes, the second has to try and make something from what is remaining, then the third has to use as much as possible. See how they think on the spot and what waste is left over! (don't know if my covid brain has explained that idea very well….)

  8. I think personally, I would have probably preferred Jamie's dish, as a bit of a pasta lover. However, Barry's dish also looked great, and I'm not about to dispute the winner. What I will say, though, is that deliberately buying ingredients that contain multiple things, only to take them apart and use them separately… while technically allowed, it doesn't really feel like that's in the spirit of the challenge?

  9. Giving Jamie a negative for using pizza dough instead of pasta, because people at home would be more likely to just use pasta, and then giving the win to Barry who spent so much time tearing apart a bread to get the olives out of it, that just feels like a lapse in logic XD

  10. That was so cute when Barry said told Jamie that his dish was ridiculous.

  11. If I was Jamie, I think I would have gone the other way around with the Pizza dough/Pasta ingredients swap. Use store bought pasta for the pasta dish, which can also be boiled and deep fried for both a dip type situation and also the pasta crunchies! 😁

  12. can you please add a link to the recipes or the names of the recipes, i cant try the recipe, without knowing how much of what was used.

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