It’s time for THE ULTIMATE CHEF VS CHEF MYSTERY BOX BATTLE!! We’ve not made it easy for Ben as he’s going up against our Head of Food Kush! It’s time to get cheffy as we’ve thrown in ingredients they’ve never seen before and a secret curveball!

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  1. The entire dynamic of Sorted Food works better with two chefs. Ben has been great since James left, but he needed another chef to temper his “Ebbers” nature.

  2. Kush cracking the plate but still using it… I love it – and the split was actually beautiful, you couldn't have done that on purpose

  3. This was fantastic! Kush really is fantastic as part of the on-screen team! Loved to see Ben and Kush go head to head!

  4. No doubt this is going to spawn a new trend of broken plates at posh restaurants.

  5. I found it funny that kush did a short on why not to add oil to the water, and then hypocrisy hits lol!

  6. Woke up and saw this on my feed. Instantly put a smile on my face. And the video didnt dissapoint. Amazing battle guys.

  7. Kush in the kitchen with Ben was so good, hahaha had me laughing the entire time. Why don't you guys do a challenge with 2 normals and 2 chefs? Jamie, Mike, or Barry are on a team with Kush or Ben and they have to work together to create a dish obviously with a theme around it. Like pass it on but just in pairs and have the other normal judge. Love the video guys, keep up the fantastic jo.

  8. Did anyone else get a kind of spammy sounding email saying you'd get a prize if you messaged "mr_sortedfood"?

  9. This is my favourite video you've done in a while. Ben looked almost human. First time I've heard him swearing. And he looked so stressed! He still won. Love it. Also enjoy seeing more of Kush.

  10. James will never be replaced, but kush is such an absolutely great addition to the sorted crew!

  11. I thought kush did a stellar job actually. Although I'd probably have gone with a whole plate tbh ????

  12. Ben’s casual “f*** you” after Kush admitted to using all the white wine made me cackle out loud. Their dynamic is clearly extremely familiar and absolutely so much fun.

  13. Please bring back James. Even as a cameo appearance. He is such a treat that really adds to the show.

  14. Just to be pedantic, i think those would be tortelloni, not tortellini. A bit too big. Looks good though!

  15. I am a fairly new subscriber trying to get through all your 10+ years of past episodes.
    I just saw Chef vs Chef battle with James (Ebbers cooked a tiny, little "chicken" while James went all out with an expensive cut of beef).
    Could I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have 1 of the "Team Ebbers" t-shirts from that old episode?
    I'm sure you must have them laying around in the props room somewhere 🙂

  16. What a show! Best battle in a while. And like last time, love seeing more of Kush!

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