It’s time for an ULTIMATE BATTLE! We are putting our three normals head to head to head in a GROCERY SHOP CHALLENGE! 3 meals, £24, 30 minutes per dish! What could go wrong?!

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20 Replies to “ULTIMATE GROCERY SHOP BATTLE Ep 1/3 MIKE | Sorted Food”

  1. The blooper almost made me worry about Mike, how stressed was he to forget about the sink not working?

  2. I'm not sure if I missed something in a different video but what happened to the chef skills challenge? Did we ever crown a winner?

  3. I love how Barry already starts in the most expensive grocer to set the foundations

  4. Do the same video but surprise them with switching the stuff they bought with each other

  5. Could you guys do a team pass it on battle with the development chefs? slater vs kush with the normals having to work for both of them at different times

  6. I'd like to see the food team do the same thing with everyone's grocery bags. It'll be great to see what a non-normal would come up with

  7. Ok there were a few execution problems (must've been a Huttlestorm in the air) but I actually thought this was a good meal plan! The turkey Milanese looked yummy, the steak was a great little treat within a fixed budget, and the ease of a baked potato with an interesting filling that uses up leftover ingredients would be perfect for an evening where it's too warm to cook.

  8. A much easier way to make mayo is to use a handblender. Just crack a whole egg, some mustard, vinegar and oil. Then you put the the blender all the way down to the bottom and blend. Ive never failed a mayo this way and its so much quicker 🙂

  9. Ben then: "You guys aren't normals anymore, you have learned so much more!"
    Ben now: "Anybody who says that our normals aren't still normal…"

  10. I like how they're proper harsh since they're doing a blatant ad for their app.

  11. The breaded turkey is really bookended by two horrible looking meals

  12. What about a cooking battle where they each have to cook a classic dish and they get points for using less electricity than would normally be used whilst cooking the dish, but still having to deliver a tasty meal at the end.

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