Understanding Hair Growth & Damage To Grow Long Hair

Tried everything but your hair isn’t growing? You must first understand hair growth and damage to grow your hair healthy hair.

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14 Replies to “Understanding Hair Growth & Damage To Grow Long Hair”

  1. Very good vid.. can’t wait for more. I emphasize natural hairstyle for black Women bcuz too many don’t emphasize it enough. Just subscribed!

  2. As always great info❣
    2 years late but better late than….love the earrings and choker. Where can possibly get them? Please and thank you 🤗🙏

  3. I really need to eat better as a vegan with cooking plant based meals with simple ingredients as well as drink plenty of water every day as well as exercise at least 4 days a week, in order to get back to retaining length for good again. I had to trim almost 2 inches off of my hair 2 weeks ago since I was wearing wash & goes which didn’t protect my ends. I need to be more careful when finger detangling my hair, master two-strand twisting and regularly braiding my hair from root to tip, make sure my ends are moisturized, and learn how to flat twist and cornrow braid.

  4. Great tips!!! I have been following your tips for a while and have noticed dramtic hair growth results. One of the best tips that impacted my hair the most is moisturizing!!! The second one is definitely the wash process. I always always detangle before washing.

  5. I recently started a moisture regimen, and it is so helpful! I’ve only been at it for about a month, but I can already see the difference 🙂 Thanks for great advice!

  6. Thanks for the informative video on retaining moisture and limiting damage! Great refresher!

  7. Im literally watching all your videos. You are very informative and knowledgeable. As a woman growing out my relaxer to natural 4b hair your videos are life savers. Thank you thank you thank youuu.

  8. I know, I'm kind of late with my question. So I've been natural all my life and I had crazy long hair until I was in high school. At that time my hair stopped growing because of excessive heat damage. Since then I've stopped using heat and it's been two years. My hair still isn't growing but I'm not trying to rush it because I know it takes time. Now, I'm a welding student and the temperatures get hot, like I'm taking a sweat bath, hot. I moisturize when I do my hair in the morning and before I go to bed but it seems like my hair is still lacking moisture. I have a mixture of 4A and 4B hair. My question is, how do I retain moisture through those hot days? Also, are there any other hairstyles that you can recommend besides braids that I can do to wear under my welding helmet that isn't too hard?

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