VERY personal q&a | answering questions i’ve been ignoring

this is a video of me answering questions about my current relationship, my faith, how i’m liking school, how to stay positive, etc.
love you homies, this video was hard to film so please be nice 🙂

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29 Replies to “VERY personal q&a | answering questions i’ve been ignoring”

  1. Honestly, I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling the same way about University and not being in the right headspace. I thought I was the only one stressed and struggling in those ways ): Feeling like my grades define me

  2. I love u dani , seeing you now n how you've changed and adapted to college n are slaying at everthing, you're amazing <3

  3. Congrats on 500k🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻where is the giveaway❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hi Danielle! I'm about to enter my junior year at Iowa State University and when you were talking about your academic experiences I really felt for you. The way my major program works at my school is similar to what you were talking about in your video. The past two years i've been talking core classes and now that I've been accepted into my majors program I can finally begin the classes I am actually interested in and I am definitely so much more motivated to start the fall semester than I've been to start any semester. One thing that really helped me was my amazing roommates. We all have similar science based majors so we know what each other are going through so having them to talk to and keep me motivated was such a big help. I can tell you have that type of relationship with the girls you lived with freshman year. Don't be afraid to talk to them about how you're feeling (I know it can be scary) because I'm sure they would love to help!

  5. AH! lol currently binging our videos and catching up. this is like my second comment tonight, whoops! I'm catholic and we are the same way, we rarely have the time to go to church, but also, Im from Asheville, NC ! Love that you went to camp here, I'm sure it was a great experience!

  6. To whoever might read this. I so agree with the feelings of maybe academic wise I should have gone to a different school. I actually knew it heading to the school I choice it was ridged high, I will be real I had to send in an essay and two reference letters to get in. I was thrilled to be accepted since I loved the campus. My first year I was only excited about two or so classes overall and I to am passion oriented. The struggle of actually taking all the University core classes is real even after two years. However I switched my thinking a bit, I found a co worker ( I work on campus), she started sharing her having the same struggle as I did. It was hard being around those who just seemed everything was perfect of easy for them. Learn that your learning might take longer or it might mean giving up a few things. However your in control of yourself in every aspect listen to what you want to do and be. Follow that voice even if you think someone might not like it. You do you. Even when it comes to classes or professors. If your not interested in one class or professor see and ask others who they have. Don’t worry about taking a class where you don’t know anyone because those are the classes I created stronger friendships.

  7. Hi! I am totally watching this waaay late and I am about to write a giant paragraph, but I wanted to chat about the way your school is. I don't really know how else to say that. I don't mean it in a mean way, my brain is a tired (finals week). I find it so crazy that you don't take Classes in your college until your junior year. I go to a state school in New Mexico (super different and much smaller than UGA)and we take classes in our college all four years. The only exception is nursing. I can totally relate to the whole academics thing and struggling to be motivated. Freshman year, I hated school. Not the social aspects and the freedom, but the academics part sucked! I think it is important to remember that academics aren't everything and the degree is the end goal not the letter on your transcript. As you continue in your education, it will get easier because you will be more accustomed to the college expectations. I am a senior and it took a while for me to figure this out. I was getting B's and C's my first year and a half in college and now I get A's and B's and feel like I am putting in effort in without over doing it. I know I wrote a whole giant paragraph on an old video, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and college sucks, but the friends and the journey are totally worth it and once you finally get to take courses you are interested in it makes it sooo much more fun! And getting close to God really helps. It is totally okay to be all over with your faith (I mean seriously, who isn't?). Coming from a fellow Catholic, it is so easy to follow the world but when you follow God and find joy in his plan for you, it is more doable to accept what is happening in your life.

  8. It is hard when you have to take classes you don't like like microeconomics and math classes, etc etc. Everyone has to do it. I took college classes in high school so I was a little ahead, but it's just what you've gotta do. Freshman year classes were so stupidly hard for absolutely no reason. I would sit and do math homework for hours, and I couldn't tell you a single thing from it. It gets better!

  9. Really relating to your feelings on your first semester. I've just finished my hard "get to know" of how things go at the place I'm volunteering in this year before I start my life, and I think that the nice thing about it was how much growing up I've made this last couple of months

  10. Danie!! Girl!! You are so cool and awesome for who you are and what you are doing! I’m appreciated and thankful so much that you are actually being honest and vocal of the feeling you are having bc that’s just so crucial for people and the relationship staff. I felt very emotional too when you cried. I love you and yes everything will be ok!
    The people who love you would understand and respect you❤️

  11. Lol so funny u think uga is hard. Known to be the one of the easiest schools in UGA and all my friends there are easy living. U must not even try in classes

  12. Some advice about college: even if you don’t know what your passions are, you will have to take classes that feel pointless. It’s just how most degrees work. As you get higher up, they’re more relevant to your major, however there is usually one class or so a semester that isn’t your favorite. Honestly, spend these years making friends, doing things, and trying to learn. Try to do well in classes but after you complete most courses, you’ll hardly think twice about them. Being uninspired in college is a struggle for a lot of people, but if you find people you can relate to and try to take lessons from experiences, it will all seem better!

  13. This was my favorite video you have EVER filmed. I can relate to this so much, as I am a freshman at USC! Trust me you are not alone! I love you even more for this, keep staying strong! You're such an amazing role model! <3

  14. Most definitely!!!! It is very frustrating having to take the core classes when you really want to learn about what you love! I feel the same way, I'm a freshman at a smaller state school in South Carolina, and I am a prelaw major, but I'm having to take English classes, and arts classes, when I really just want to learn about the criminal justice/law of the United States. I totally get it!!

  15. This resonated with me so much!!! I feel you on so many things. I need to live in the moment more and just be content. Also I just really feel you on the grades is rough sometimes

  16. Hey I go to UGA right now and you can def take some of those marketing and fashion classes you want to take before your junior year as electives!!

  17. I applaud you for being open and honest. I've also learned alot recently about being content with the now! Enjoy the process as you are getting to your next goal. Live in the now and embrace and enjoy the little things. You have such a beautiful heart Dani!❤️

  18. Hey I would just like to say I’m a freshman in college and I can relate to this video so much. Thank you

  19. I feel you on getting used to this whole college thing. I just moved to Auburn and it's been hard adjusting to the atmosphere and making new friends. It's weird not being able to go "home" everyday because of the distance, but I am slowly adjusting and I wish the best for you!

  20. Thank you sm for this. My best friend and I have been watching your videos for years, because seriously we are so similar. We are going through some of the same things as you and this really hit home for both of us- so once again thank you 🙂 best of luck in everything you do & we'll always be supporting you

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