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Hey Dolls, So i decided to do an updated wash day routine. It changes whenever I feel like it needs to. So far these methods have made it easy to deal with my 2 textures. I hope it helps!!

Trader Joes Nourish Spa Shampoo
Trader Joes Nourish Spa Conditioner
Eden Bodyworks Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner
Oil Mixture – EVOO & Grapesed oil

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27 Replies to “WASH DAY | Transitioning Hair | 16 Months Post Relaxer | Simply Subrena”

  1. does anyone else have to watch like a thousand of these videos before washing their hair to get the motivation to actually wash their hair? LOL

  2. Did the tea tree oil and peppermint oil work for dry itchy scalp? Because my scalp gets really dry in the winter so i want to try the tea tree and peppermint if it works

  3. When de-Tangling do you have to use a wide tooth comb? Also what if I used the detangle spray? Will that still do me justice and not tear my hair out?

  4. so r u 16 weeks post relaxer or textlaxed? becuz im new to this lol and your hair is beautiful by the way😍

  5. – Thank God for this video because I'm 15 months post relaxer & Idk how to shampoo for shxt even though I shampoo once every 1-2 months.

  6. I had a very serious hair loss problem, each time when I wash my hair, it lost a lot. However, when I heard Superhairfood hair loss prevention shampoo ( w….superhairfood…c ) I intend to try it, you know what just after one time use, my hair loss problem is better than the ever. And it also make's my hair keep the moisture and smoothy even I just use the shampoo without the other conditioner. It is really a good product and highly recommended

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  8. Girl I am SO happy I found this video! You're the ONLY Youtuber, who i see transitioning with my same hair length and type! New Subbie hereeee 🙂

  9. are u that girl who was on MTV disaster date 2011 ? 
    and no wonder why u have dandruff u didnt wash ur hair for 3 weeks 
    u should wash ur hair at least weekly

  10. Has your hair broken off , since it's color treated ? I'm transitioning , and I plan on dying my hair but I'm afraid of it breaking off .

  11. Your 16 months post day is my birthday lol but I'm long term transitioning too and I'm 18 months post. I can't wait to big chop but I'm going to attempt to make it to two years!

  12. Great video! Nice texture too! Your newgrowth really stands out from your relaxed ends. I can see why you are going natural. Thanks for sharing!

  13. You have a lot of growth! 16 months already- that's very motivating for me.

  14. I have been transitioning for 13months now without the big chop and am so loving it.

  15. That is alot of beautiful new growth !!! I can't believe how quick your roots are showing your natural black, instead of the red!!!

  16. i don't know if anyone else feel like this, but when you section off your hair, do u sometimes notice that ur hair is kind pre-sectioned already. Like you trained your hair to part at this certain spot over and over again and now it just stays! lol do i make sense?

  17. Aww man this video is teasing us with your natural hair. All that new growth. 

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