Wasp That Pretends to Be Harmless Ant (Beware Its Sting!)

You see their little cone-shaped dirt houses on the ground, like mini-volcanos scattered around your yard. Ants are usually harmless little bugs, paying you no attention, just going about their day working hard. But if you’ve just stepped near a group of Australian Bulldog Ants, you better run! These little creatures are one of the most terrifying insects in the world! Their huge spikey jaws protruding from their mouth. That’s what they use to latch on to whatever critter happens to be their unlucky lunch today.

That meal can include beetles, caterpillars, flies, or even wasps, spiders, and frogs! These ants will go after anything that gets too close! They’re ferocious and smart! They’ll drive out their competitor – the flat huntsman spider – by filling its nest with twigs, leaves, and anything on hand. This drives the arachnid out, leaving more lunch for the ants. But those malicious mandibles are not the only thing you gotta look out for. They use those jaws to hold onto something – a meal, an enemy, your skin! – while they inject a highly venomous stinger!


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  1. Hello?have anyone noticed that he mentioned asian green hornet but the correct word is asian giant hornet?

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