Watch Trading Values Have Dropped Over 27% In 9 Months – Status Of The Watch Market In 2023

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In this video, I’ll provide my in-depth take on the state of the international watch market as we begin 2023. Much has changed since last year, and it feels like the right time to see which brands have gone up, declined, or stayed the same with regard to aftermarket values. If you enjoy this type of content, be sure to let me know down below in the comments.


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0:00 – Intro & Organization
1:33 – 1. Recap Of The Last Few Years
2:01 – 2. What Brands & Watches Have Decreased The Most?
3:56 – 3. What Has Stayed The Same Or Increased?
5:51 – 4. Final Takeaways

22 Replies to “Watch Trading Values Have Dropped Over 27% In 9 Months – Status Of The Watch Market In 2023”

  1. I have been trying to purchase a Tudor Pelagos FXD at Ben Bridge, but they keep telling me they are out of stock. They attribute it to Tudor not making enough. Thinking in searching in the secondary market.

  2. Market on everything is down. I feel like Rolex value will continue to increase over time

  3. My watch collection consists of a $220 Orient dress watch, a $300 Seiko Chronograph, and a $350 Casio G-Shock Mudmaster. Well under a grand all in and they all make me very happy when wearing them. That's what's really important.

  4. ..who really care about expensive Branded Watches & other expesnive Branded Goods these days, where tens & tens of millions or even hundreds of Millions of people are impoverished by Wars, Droughts and Covid pestilence etc. The Super-Social Elitism of wearing & showing-off expensive brands consumption, once highly and prominently demonstrated & pursued by the Rich & Wealthy Chinese Elites have all gone & disappeared. These days in China, Chinese Citizens are very careful not to flash any of their expensive cars, expensive Watches or expensive Branded Goods, lest be investigated for corruptions, or tax evasion or other crimes.

  5. I find this report very interesting. However it has a little effect on me and my buying habits. I buy what I can afford at the time and get this as much enjoyment out of a $35 Casio as I do from $1,000 Grand Seiko. I look at watches by how they look and how they feel. I quite frankly don't see the difference between a cheap knockoff or a six-figure luxury watch. As long as they keep good time they're just a tool. I have collected a bunch of watches with different looks to them and they seem to keep accurate time whether they're made in Switzerland or China. I guess I'm just not a watch snob. I'm also not a millionaire so a diamond encrusted Rolex really doesn't interest me much less a PatekPhilippe Nautilus. While I do appreciate the value of the workmanship of expensive watches, I get just as much enjoyment having a collection of watches that I can switch around from day to day rather than a single watch that I can own afford one of. As long as they keep reasonable time on my wrist. If I lose one where it gets stolen or just quits, but she watches are easily replaceable.

  6. And the consumer hasn't even tapped out yet….. its coming … end of this year ~ and '24 IMO…

  7. Rolex used to be one of my favorite watch companies, but the smugness of the ADs made me switch to Omega.

  8. So all the watches people were buying with crypto money and PPP loans dropped off once crypto crashed.

  9. All the brands that you mentioned that didn’t go down by more than 5% mostly trade below retail… they already been at rock bottom

  10. This is why I love teddy all the other watch guys on YouTube are kinda glossing over this and you made it the title of your video

  11. This is pretty much what Jasper from AVW has been predicting. The hype is wearing out and all the 'investors' are leaving

  12. This actually makes sense. For a number of reasons with the main one being that you can’t wear these high end watches anymore because of the fear of getting robbed while walking down the street! I have resorted to wearing my submariner and putting away the Daytona and day date, which is a shame but this is the trend I am seeing with many of my friends too. I can also see why breitling is on the up….I can wear it and still feel safe, sad but true. I would only buy Rolex for investment only.


  14. While those brands are “up”, I guess they are all trading below retail, making the “trend” less meaningful…

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