We bought an Abandoned OFF GRID Cabin !!

Have you ever drove past an abandoned property that was in an awesome setting….but obviously no one lived there, and you wondered how you could buy it for yourself? In this video we’ll show you how to locate the owners of an abandoned property, contact them, evaluate the land and structures, and make an offer.

12 Replies to “We bought an Abandoned OFF GRID Cabin !!”

  1. Congrats on your new property. Wow! What a great deal. What a nice addition to the property you already own. Great find you two!

  2. Nice find…and you're adding directly onto your property. That'll be worth something down the road.

  3. If your offer, don't embarrass you, then your offering to high. You make your equity at the purchase of the property. This way you pay lower tax and if you (got to) sell later, your in a better position.

  4. Great find & great info! Thanks for sharing! Blessings to all ????????????????

  5. In Alaska I knew a guy who used a defunct Chevy Suburban as a septic tank. He buried it nose down in the ground and ran a pipe in the back window, just as in your van example.

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