We Got Beat Up!!! Might Have To Quit Youtube?!

This was one of my biggest fears ever!!! Both of us getting hurt at the same exact time and not being able to work. Thank God that I am able to still do some stuff after my accident, but unfortunately for elezar, he will be out for a couple of days. But dont worry guys! We will be back and better!!! Thanks For Watching!!!

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29 Replies to “We Got Beat Up!!! Might Have To Quit Youtube?!”

  1. I would say try eating more fruit and tender green leafy vegetables will probably heal a road rash or any serious wounds. You could do some research if you want to see if it will heal it faster. I seen a video of this guys that eat a lot of fruit he has a accident of a vehicle and had broken bones, road rash and he mention that fruit heal him really fast.

  2. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and is able to use his hands. I wish he finds a way to still work on cars even if it with his feet.

  3. Please start taking health & safety seriously…especially at the new shop…you don’t want a visit from ‘’that’ government agency…if I was an insurance company and I saw your thumbnail I’d have some concerns…love your content and wish you all the best.

  4. Man, I didn't think I would have to type this again, but hope you recover quickly..!!

  5. Happy birthday!
    Aloe Vera, wash area of wound and let dry, fresh leaf cut green off, rub jelly into wound and all around. Do 3 times a day or more.
    Will heal without scars, lost all skin on both forearms, aloe every day keep, keep wound open and dry , only cover wounds if going outside, if inside let the area breath and stay dry.
    Bandages don't help healing, less is better. You will heal faster and even the hair will come back

  6. Enjoy watching y’all !!! Buy your Mama an Instant pot ….modern day pressure cooker – but SAFER !!!! Prayers for healing for both of you 🙏🙏 Thanks again for your “clean” content !!

  7. In Washington state a crane guy lifting trusses with the crane is paid less than $20 an hour that guy is ripping you guys off or the times have changed 190% if that makes any since from 2 years ago. Oh wait inflation…

  8. Love the fact that pops is incorporated in all that you do. I lost my dad 5 years ago, his and i relationship was like yalls. Much love and respect from Clarksville

  9. Dang… one after another, first Simon and then next is "Billy" im worried for you guys… please stay safe always… we only have 1 Life…

  10. Aw man that must suck I hope you guys recover fast I know what it feels like scraping your hand against the road it must have hurt. I hope both of y’all a speedy recovery

  11. When you're young you learn speed is fun but it costs you..1) money 2) skin3) years off your life.. By 30 you realize it's not worth the issues

  12. God you guys. Man this is hard to watch.
    Im so happy y'all are okay mentally not so much physically…

  13. you guys should get one of your friends to step in and be guest host.. The guy who helped you with the frame on the truck, and you guys can just be vocal behind the camera lol

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