We make over this empty bedroom in only 12 HOURS!? *Easy decor tips* (Island Fixer-Upper)

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We put decals on the ceiling!? We have a day to completely transform this bedroom into a dreamy, serene and minimalist dream bedroom. We do a super easy but super stunning DIY that anyone can do. The before and after of this bedroom makeover is beautiful and hopefully inspiring for your own bedroom makeovers. Soft fabrics, neatural color palette, linen bedding, and decals on the ceiling!

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Editor: V Robitaille
Cam Op: Luke Aguinaldo
Cam Op: Valen Ahlo
Sound and Photos: Chris Badilio
Music: Eric Espiritu
Assistant: Tisha Schwartz
Art Assistant: Kyera Dalessandro
Art Assistant: Nicole
Audio Tracks: Epidemic Sound: http://share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC

23 Replies to “We make over this empty bedroom in only 12 HOURS!? *Easy decor tips* (Island Fixer-Upper)”

  1. i need a update what was in the safe that was so cool obsessed with the whole house and yard stuff

  2. Behind the scenes question: did your camera person relocate with you? How cool if so ❤

  3. Wanted to enjoy your old videos, so watched few episodes of omg we r coming over.
    Enjoyed them alot.
    Plz re-upload them or something, new audiences need to see them.
    How about making a series on best of omg we r coming over / omg we bought a house etc.
    U can upload top 3 of your favorite from every category in a single video/ upload.
    I know every one will enjoy the old videos again.

  4. i love this series but i’m a bit confused — so there’s a main house, a studio, and a guest house? where is the studio and guest house located in relation to the main house? could you explain in the next vid?

  5. I’ve loved mr Kate for years and I’m rly happy that they’ve found success with their product line but I’m getting kind of over feeling like every video is one long ad for all their own furniture

  6. I know they've used it a few times but does anyone know the brand of that ceiling fan? I want to replace mine with something simple like that.

  7. Y’all are such a beautiful couple! I love being inspired by both of you and seeing all of your awesome creative ideas come together in reality! It gives me hope!

  8. i'm so curious about what's in the safe and can't wait to see Joey open it 😂😂😂 absolutely love the clean and minimal room as always

  9. When moon said tada, my heart just melts. This channel never disappoints me at all, beautiful transformation.

  10. Lovely and simple … I'd add a palm leaf over the 3 large draws and change out light switch 😀

  11. I simply LOVE your Decals! I have been looking for some that I really like. I really wish yours were already out so that I could purchase some for my apartment.

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