We ONLY ate TINY FOOD For 24 Hours Challenge!

Would you ever make TINY FOOD?
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I had so much fun #Trying to only eat #minature food for a 24 hour #Challenge! I cant believe how how small we were able to make all of these meals! We had really tiny sandwiches with french fries and ketchup, pancakes with turkey bacon and eggs, a snack, and even a full plate of pasta with a cake dessert!

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11 Replies to “We ONLY ate TINY FOOD For 24 Hours Challenge!”

  1. I’ve recently started watching your content again after a few months and I’m glad I did! You’re constant happy mood helps boost my own mood!

  2. In regards to the ketchup debate- Mike's way would either require each person at the table to have their own bottle of it, or everyone takes turns and the fries get cold…

  3. "You gotta make sure to remove the toothpick, I almost swallowed it." Pretty sure that's what he said for the "inaudible" portion. I'm adept at stuffed-mouth speech.

  4. Ro I love your videos, you’re such a wonderful, bright person your dogs are so cute Thank you

    Also, did anyone else notice the red mark on Coconut?

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