We SAVED Thousands with this DIY TRICK.

Maggie and I spent our free time over the last month building a portable outdoor kitchen. We used free scrap wood for our local sawmill and a couple DIY tricks to make it look amazing all while saving thousands.

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22 Replies to “We SAVED Thousands with this DIY TRICK.”

  1. Hell Yes !!! Maggie & Izzy Great Freaking Job When is the 1st cookout ? With a great build of the outdoor kitchen/bar . Thanks for sharing I'm JD your neighbor north of y'all here W-S,N.C. Rock and Roll Stay Safe Those Storm Radios Will Save Your Life With the screwed up weather here in the carolinas

  2. Y’all did an awesome job and everything looks great! What a blessing to have good folks willing to lend a hand to get things done. ????

  3. They can use quite a bit of the cast off for surveying stakes. Those sell well enough I've seen truckloads of them cut from the biggest cherry trees you've ever seen. Sad. Vey sad.

  4. I did this back when I worked maintenance for Bass Pro Shops. I built a big store display for game cameras, and used Cypress offcuts just like this, but left the bark on them. I first built a plywood wall, then painted it black so you couldn't see the plywood in the seam/joints between The Cypress offcuts. I did them vertically though, so it looked like a wall of trees. Then all the Game Cameras were screwed to this wall as demo/display units. It turned out really good. I got a LOT of compliments on it from Regional Directors and Corporate Folks.

  5. Very good job man smart man you are smart I love the way you think the way you create the most important things the way you use your mind ????????????
    ❓❔❓Just Maggie she is very great but how she related to you.????????

  6. Looks awesome! Job well done, please let us see it when you have the insides all figured out!!!

  7. Cutie, I'd love to come to work everyday if you were there! You definitely brighten up these videos.

  8. Besides the cool project it is a bit misleading, like: I have built a house for free…just used the leftover around my yard….like those leftovers were dragged there by a cat. Although ????

  9. Amazing work, guys! It turned out amazing! ????
    Stay safe there with your family! ????????

  10. Kitchen looks great. I found the interaction with lumber yard super informative. Thank you.

  11. Maggie rocking the Cool Hand Luke, woman with no eyes sunglasses. Love this project and the way it came together.

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