We Started Too Many Seeds…Again

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Summer is almost here, so we decided to clear out the greenhouse and do a little transplanting, some direct sowing and even a little surprise grafting – Hint: we grafted almost ALL of our tomatoes!


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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Prepping Bed For Corn
06:20 – Planting Sweet Potatoes
11:17 – Choosing Tomatoes For Grafting
14:28 – Grafting Tomatoes


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20 Replies to “We Started Too Many Seeds…Again”

  1. Yeah not Kevin making allusion to stuff being easier when wet while he's secretly my imaginary boyfriend… :')

  2. You two are so goofy and I love it! ????I not only learn when I watch your videos but I am thoroughly entertained. Great job guys!

  3. Kev, I have never grafted anything but I think you're supposed to hold the handle of the graft tool parallel to the ground so you get the same angle cut every time….

  4. This is the fantastic experience boys. You made your pater proud????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. I dehydrate my leek leaves and it’s awesome for soups or anything that needs some depth of flavor.

  6. Garden Nerds!!!!! Love it! There’s another garden nerd, NotillGrowers. Great information.
    Kevin and Jacque are suburban growers. NotillGrowers are zone6b market growers.

  7. Speaking of sweet potatoes….can we come up with a better/easier way to cure them? I'm actually eating one tonight that I grew last year and I feel like it's not as sweet as it could be. Humidity doesn't exist in CA does it??? How do I create a hot humid spot?

  8. Why you so late with tomatoes? I'm only in 8b and I've had mine in the ground 2 months.

  9. I'd be very interested to see how your yield is in Ground potatoes vs straw/Ruth Stout potatoes and what was your preference between the 2 methods?

    Love the videos they've helped me in my gardening endeavors and inspiration! ????

  10. I can no longer watch any video if you do not start it with the bro laugh!

  11. Summer 2023 starts wed June 21st, yall are a bit early 1 month to claim summer is here… we haven't even had an 80F day yet

  12. Kevin without a jacket = weather must be warmer. I grew potatoes 3 years ago in my raised bed and STILL have potatoes come up in there. I can't get rid of them.

  13. I love these dorks. They really are so fun to watch, and I actually just bought a grafted lime tree so my ears perked at the mention of grafting.

  14. There is no such thing as too many seeds.

    Especially when it comes to tomatoes.


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