Weekend in Our Life: Apartment Decorating and Maroon 5 Concert

After moving into our apartment we continued vlogging for the rest of the weekend! Here is some of what we did.

21 Replies to “Weekend in Our Life: Apartment Decorating and Maroon 5 Concert”

  1. Who is the older twin because I think it’s ciera because she just gives me the older sister vibe but idk for sure

  2. I get really frustrated trying to remember who’s who and when you both put on the same shirt… AGGHHHH

  3. bro its so wierd to know that they live in iowa. cause ive been watching them for yearsss and i live in iowa too and ive literally been to most of the towns they talk about. thats justso wierd and cool at the same time

  4. They have culvers in different states than missouri I thought it was only in Missouri

  5. Decorating your appaertment is something I really want to see so basically a apartment vlog

  6. i love you guys so much! you guys are such a good role model and i absolutely love the videos you make!!

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