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Take a look behind the scenes of recent Hollywood horror movies to see the ingenious methods filmmakers use to scare audiences. Jordan Peele had a set with oversized furniture specially constructed for a terrifying scene in “Nope” (2022), while M. Night Shyamalan had his team build a fake rock wall to turn a tropical setting into an oppressive prison for “Old” (2021). Ti West asked Weta Workshop to build ultra-precise aging prosthetics for Mia Goth to play Pearl in “X” (2022), and James Wan used a special robotic camera usually reserved for sporting events to film a harrowing set piece in “Malignant” (2021). See up close the full range of movie magic tricks in the biggest horror movies from the past two years, from the stunt work and wire gags behind slasher scenes in “Halloween Ends” (2022) to the 13-pound animatronic creature head and 60-pound suit that created the Feral Predator in “Prey” (2022)

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What 8 More Horror Movies Looked Like Behind The Scenes | Movies Insider | Insider

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  1. common…… most of these movies aint horror-movies…. do your research a bit better….. thumbs down for a load of crap……

  2. It's no wonder Hollywood is in trouble, considering nearly every one of these movies was terrible.

  3. I'm soo tired of the gender/race swapping garbage. Just try making something GOOD. How about you try that.

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