19 Replies to “what do you call this? ???? #shorts”

  1. Oh bro, it’s for your head. When you don’t have no head you cut your hand off and you have a screwdriver and you put in your hand and you screw the other hand into your arms and then you have a hand. I do not know what I just said and it doesn’t make sense but OK try it out you might be bleeding to death, but at least you have a new hand????

  2. Uh just saying it look like the video I just watched but the girl had 1 arm only

  3. Okay the caption says something about surviving on Snake Island, the pinned comment says something about albino teenager struck by lightning and all we saw was a prosthetic being made… what in the world is this about??? ???????????????? Im so confused!? LMAO ????????????

  4. actually that blue and orange glue-like liquid is polyvinylsiloxate (PVS), dentists use that material to get a mould of patients’ remaining teeth and gums when they’re fabricating dentures:D

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