What I Spend In a Week As a 28 Year Old In LA

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14 Replies to “What I Spend In a Week As a 28 Year Old In LA”

  1. I saw Thor: love and thunder last week and recently found out that this is how Korg would tell the story which is why it’s kind of so out there and funny

  2. Please donate to Brooklyn and Bailey’s current fundraiser on ending period poverty!! Just go to any of their recent videos to learn more!!

  3. I get concerned around 1/3 left. 1/4 left, I'm stopping at the next gas station.

  4. I don't even have half the money for a whole month 😂. You go girl, love you.♥️

  5. this is honestly great motivation for me and my future financial state!! the total came out to basically my entire monthly income. so glad to see that youre thriving! it’s inspiring.

  6. Hey Lauren if you are see this love your video! But I just wanted to ask where did you get your couch?

  7. Oooh girl!! Now I want a what I eat in a week bc your healthy meals made my donuts for dinner look real embarrassing and I need ideassssss. Loved this vid btw!!! 💖💖

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