What if ancient and present technologies meet?

I’m going to do a variety of things using a 3D printer. We can try a lot of things. Please enjoy it. Thank you!

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Art.Bridle 1.4mm (3oz)

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16 Replies to “What if ancient and present technologies meet?”

  1. Could you tell me what soft you are using to model this project. Thanks a lot for your videos!!

  2. Не буду я с такой хуйней по магазинам ходить

  3. Every stitch meticulously drawn. That said, so when are you going to assemble and sell your finished purses, etc? I can't sew worth a lick, but I can buy the heck out of a purse. Try me.

  4. 모서리 자르시는게 너무 좋아서 그 부분을 자꾸 되돌려보게 되네요…ㅎㅎㅎ

  5. 😗🎶 The way you could even make the seams on the vertical side completely rounded and match the end caps you add on…..I wasn’t sure when I saw the base design from the 3D print, but finished it is so beautiful that I’m persuaded. What’s it like to be able to create beautiful [functional!!] things to such a level that many other people gush over it?

  6. Чётко, красиво, профессионально. За работой ваших рук можно смотреть бесконечно.

  7. Hello. Very nice job. Is it me only who I find that the images are not sharp and too blurry ?

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