What is Golden Ice 🧊⚜️ #shorts

When we recently tested clear ice shaped like a diamond I didn’t think that we also soon would be testing ice with gold inside.

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27 Replies to “What is Golden Ice 🧊⚜️ #shorts”

  1. I don’t drink as it makes me extremely sick but I gotta be honest some of your mix drinks make me want to lol.

  2. People just trying to get an affordable drink with little to no ice will hate this guy

  3. It just looks like there is a piece of golden paper inside ice, I don't think it looks anything special

  4. Clear ice infused with edible glitter should be amazing. But I think it'll probably sink to the bottom, so I don't know anymore.

  5. Diamnds: not actually being that rare
    Worth thousands of dollars

    Gold: actually really rare
    People eating it to feel fancy

  6. Is nobody gonna talk about the fact 8 cubes of frozen ice cost $10-15?!😭😭
    I found my new business plan!

  7. That gold man In Pic is Indian and he is dead. He was murdered for his gold shirt.

  8. Everyone:Wow so cool it's gold
    Me:Why in God's name is that ice cube so large?

  9. Did you just take two ice cubes, put the gold between them, then freeze it again?

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