What to Make With The World's Strongest Alcohol #shorts

In a previous video, I tasted the world’s strongest alcohol and decided it needed to be diluted with something to make it more drinkable. After many different attempts to make it drinkable, I was about to give up but too many people kept requesting the follow up video, so here it is. Would you drink this alcohol?

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21 Replies to “What to Make With The World's Strongest Alcohol #shorts”

  1. Bro a glass of this thing would probably knock out a horse, how is this legal lol?

  2. I know people who are good at bartending

    They tricked me into two things
    1. having a tiny sip because it wouldn’t do anything
    2. Making me a cement mixer drink

  3. When I was a raging alcoholic I drank a flask or 2 of this every day. My poor liver….fml

  4. I’ll share a cocktail that will make ever clear delicious and very easily manageable to drink (be careful lol gets you hammered)
    1.) full sliced orange
    2.) 2 ounce ever clear
    3.)2 ounce Bacardi dry rum
    4.)shake and Let sit 15 minutes plus (ever clears potency speeds up infusion fairly well)
    5.) equal parts Mai Tai mix and Strawberry Daiquiri mix with lots of ice until your shaker is about 4/5ths full
    6.)Shake with a smile 👍
    7.)fill any glass full of ice 3/4ths full with the cocktail
    8.) add any cheap sweet red wine (I like liberty creek sweet red) to fill up the glass almost all the way creating an awesome layered drink effect
    9.) top the glass off with crushed ice
    10.) garnish with your favorite fruit (I like to add grapefruit for bitterness along with lemon and lime for sour)

    Enjoy, that recipe makes me 2 delicious drinks and gets me feeling pretty good pretty fast 😉 someone try and come up with a cool name for it

  5. Why don't you reduce the volume of the alcohol and add a lot of something to make it tasty 🤔

  6. I found it mixes really well with Mocha energy drinks. I ended up in the hospital.

  7. As someone who has breathed and ate fire on a semi professional level I want to stress to everyone that sees this to NEVER try what he did in the beginning of the video. Using alcohol to breathe fire is extremely dangerous especially if you haven't been properly trained. It can very easily result in horrible burns on your face and you can collapse your lungs and die if you do it incorrectly.

  8. Have you tried coffee maybe the butter taste will lessen the burn or maybe add cream with the coffee

  9. Imagine all the Thermal paste/grease and leftover adhesive I can clean off with this.

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