30 Replies to “What's in My Travel Makeup Bag?”

  1. I have no idea but I need to get some of it if it makes me as funny & witty as her 😉

  2. I see alot of pretty travel bags like hers for around $7-$20 at Ross or Marshalls.

  3. OMG your hair is soooo cute in this video. Do you have a tutorial on how you did that style??

  4. Did anybody notice the music starting at 4:26? It sounded like it was from Keeping up With the Kardashians?

  5. Please do a makeup tutorial on the look that u r wearing in this video!

  6. "If you can stuff your bra, you can certainly stuff this" Best line ever

  7. Hey can you please les me know how did u get your hair color like that it's the same color that I want but with out getting the red thanks 😱😊😉😜

  8. I like the wooden holder where did u get that please I want it so bad

  9. I really like ypur personality jarmaine,. =) how I wish I know how to put make up like you do,,.,hehehehe,.,

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