What's Your Hidden Strength? A Great Personality Test

Do you wanna know what your hidden power is? Our subconscious is a very dark place that takes years and years of psychoanalysis to understand. It can reveal our deepest fears, secret desires, and suppressed emotions. However, some of us don’t even know the basic traits of our personalities, let alone the deep workings of them.

Every single person has a particular strength that often lies beneath the surface, hidden away in the depths of their personality. Our unconscious holds a lot of mysteries. Today’s test will give you an opportunity to figure out what your forte is! After each question, you’ll have 10 seconds to pick the most suitable answer. Remember to write down how many points each answer brings you because you’ll need to calculate your total score at the end.

Question #1 0:44
Question #2 1:25
Question #3 2:04
Question #4 2:47
Question #5 3:25
Question #6 4:04
Question #7 4:48
Question #8 5:28
Question #9 6:08
Question #10 6:49

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– If your total score is 100 to 170 points, your main strength is your integrity. You’re a person of high moral standards. This helps you stay calm in those difficult life situations that make other people feel conflicted.
– If your total score is 180 to 240 points, your main strength is your leadership skills. You have an inborn talent for leadership, and you’re enthusiastic about what you do. On top of that, you have the ability to inspire others.
– If your total score is 250 to 320 points, your main strength is your intelligence. You have well-developed analytical skills. When faced with a problem, you can usually see at least a couple of solutions right away.
– If your total score is 330 to 400 points, your main strength is your creativity. Your curiosity often gets the better of you. If a question arises in your head, you just HAVE to find the answer.

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26 Replies to “What's Your Hidden Strength? A Great Personality Test”

  1. 200points.????Perfect Leadership skills.I was doing this Authority work behind the scenes.????Though, directly I didnt got my deserving credit,but I made leaders,U can say,by sharing my way of workg. Though was shadow leader behind the scenes.????

  2. im utterly bamboozled i havent even taken the test yet but by reading the description all 4 strengths match me impeccably well
    edit: i tied between leadership and creativity which means it landed me right in the middle–intelligence

  3. I got 230 points, which put me in the leadership category. It's pretty accurate.

    Obviously 230 is at the high end of that category, though, which is why I have some overlap with the intelligence category.

  4. The first and last answers are more like who I am,but I get it,my total score was 240,talking about leadership, and I never thought of myself as being a leader at all. Hidden traits,hum something to think about.????????

  5. This is one of the personality test that gave me satisfactory answers… Only a few could tell the truth…

  6. I got 330 yay but if I see a brocen billings I see them like hundreds and thousands of years before and I love this

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