When You Forget Someones Name… ???? #shorts #comedy #funny #sketch #relatable #awkward #oops #truth

Who can relate? I probably should have done what she did, lol.

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  1. I wait for their friend or someone else to say it or just act confident and pretend that like I can’t be bothered to remember everyone I meets name and then ask. That way I give off a cool vibe and don’t seem too rude.????????
    I have a lot of experience ????
    Im a kind genius????????
    I also love ur videos Ro!!❤
    And have been watching since lockdown ❤

  2. I have a huge family and they live far away so I don't see them until after a few years by then I forget who the lady next to me is saying hi you have grown up so much . I usually just smile and pretend I know them and later ask my mom who the lady was .????????????????

  3. At the end, we all realised that you could’ve just asked her name…

  4. She really calculated the name using e=mc²????????????????????????

  5. Honestly I’ve never really had this problem before! Plus I don’t say anyone’s name very often… it’s mostly just nicknames for me where I am. This was so funny too ????????

  6. Rosana I have some thing to tell you. Jumping and running actualy helps you grow taller ????.

  7. I don't socialize much so I when I have to then mostly I forget their new kidsssss names

  8. ????????????????❤️????????????????????????????????????✨????

  9. Hey quick question what does it look like when you freeze dry a andes candies

  10. I feel like this has been done 1000 times by every person I know but who cares

  11. Not only can she bake she's a step ahead of all of us in quantum physics

  12. Zoey and rosanna wow ???? Zoe was part of your Chan el from the beginning.

  13. I just act as I know who they are and that’s it. I’ll ask myself the question later and maybe I’ll remember by the 10th time we meet lol ????

  14. The proper method is "What's your name?"
    "Ro, Rosanna."
    "No, sorry, your last name?"
    Then you don't look like as much of a dolt.

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