Which Slime Pigment Drop is the Best?

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29 Replies to “Which Slime Pigment Drop is the Best?”

  1. The yellow one!!! All the pigment spreads out on the word “Hey!” In the sound. Satisfying!!!

  2. i about to order slime and im getting lavender crunch when it restocks but im not sure what 2nd slime to get like peachy puffballs or sour gummi bears so peachybbies pls recommend some slime that are like buttery texture or something! ????

  3. Will you make a softball slime? Everyone like this comment so that they see this!

  4. Pink or blue def
    Btw you guys have the best slime ever and have inspired me to start a busineess

  5. Can you guys restock the froggy boba slime it’s sold out ????????????????????

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