Why Cruise Ships Are So Slow

Ships come in all shapes and sizes. From motorized dinghies to yachts; from glorious looking white cruise ships to bulky container ships and tankers. But they all share one quality: their engines seem excessively powerful, yet they still can’t seem to output the speed you would’ve expected from this kind of power.

The reality is the exact opposite of the expectations: a big liner can cross the Atlantic Ocean in a week, but a cargo ship would have to spend more than two weeks to do the same thing. For a plane to go from an airport in Western Europe to New York, for example, it would take only 8 hours. So why do we even use ships if planes are so much faster?

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Carrying capacity of ships 1:08
The biggest cargo ship in the world 2:17
Why ships have trouble moving 3:05
What bulbous bow is 5:46
Are there fast cruise ships? 6:51
How to intercept a pirate ship 7:45
The natural speed limit of the sea itself 8:21

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– You won’t be able to carry thousands of tons of weight by plane. The same goes for the number of passengers – some ships can carry more than 5,000 passengers in one go!
– So in general, ships are going slow just because they don’t need to go faster; their aim is set somewhere else completely. They sacrifice speed for better carrying capacity.
– The engines of big ships are huge powerhouses taking up entire rooms and swallowing tons of fuel each day like it’s a snack.
– When a plane flies, it needs to maintain enough speed to stay up in the air, and it needs to avoid clouds when possible.
– Unfortunately, ships have no choice but to deal with the dense environment that often almost fully covers the ship’s hull.
– Even something as fast as a bullet would slow down and finally stop after just 100ft through the water. This is why every ship needs more power to move at all.
– A large ship is naturally submerged in the water with a part of its hull up to the waterline. If the ship is loaded with cargo, it’ll be submerged deeper than that.
– All modern-day ships have a so-called bulbous bow – the thing that’s submerged in the water right under the nose of the ship.
– This is why modern ships don’t produce waves around them anymore, and their speed is no longer so heavily affected by them.
– WP-18 Special Forces Interceptor is a boat you’d expect to see in a sci-fi movie. But it’s real, and it’s literally cutting edge design is specially developed to cut through waves at the extremely high speed of 65 knots, or 74 mph.
– A rush for top speeds was, and always will be, in people’s minds no matter what. This gave birth to another incredible vessel – The Mystic Powerboats C5000.
– The max speed achieved in this boat is mind-blowing 250 mph.
– If you want to go even faster, I have bad news for you: the sea won’t let you, because it won’t be calm enough.
– So it seems like about 300 mph is the natural speed limit of the sea itself.

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26 Replies to “Why Cruise Ships Are So Slow”

  1. The main reason is because of the water resistance. If the ship has pointed head, it moves slow. If the head of the ship is blunter, the ship moves faster

  2. 0:52 "A big liner can cross the Atlantic Ocean in a week, but a cargo ship would have to spend more than two weeks to do the same thing"
    cargo ship literally moving faster than liner

  3. I got an ad from about boat pumps before watching this video, what a coincidence! ????????????????

  4. Cruise ships weigh around 200,000 GT also pretty sure resistance between water and material is higher than air and material. Plus, it's a "cruise" not a race to get somewhere.

  5. Passenger: falls off ship
    The ship going 200knots: dud what did I say about falling, now your neck is gonna snap as soon as you hit the water

  6. Why Cruise ships are slow
    SS United States: im i a joke to you?
    Note the United States' Top speed is 40 knots and she was Larger then Titanic

  7. Still planes is the fastest because its less drag due to its aerodynamics design and the high altitude they fly, the less friction they must experience in the air compare to ships. Design varries

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