Why everyone's buying Dollar Store mini pallets!

$1.25 mini pallets from Dollar Tree might not look like much on the shelf but here are 3 amazing ways DIYers turned them into adorable decor. Curb appeal from Dollar Tree? Yes, please!

With @Theartge & @Arts & Classy

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17 Replies to “Why everyone's buying Dollar Store mini pallets!”

  1. Crikey! You certainly love your artificial flowers/foliage on here. They’re awful and make what could be decent projects look cheap and tacky. As for the third one, I’ve seen it elsewhere on another channel.

  2. I do like that last one, that's a great idea to free up bathroom counter space.

  3. Creative and thanks for sharing! The last one looks the best; staining it makes a big difference.

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous the picture frame is gorgeous I really love them all tyfs much love ❤️

  5. Absolutely Adorable is the last one for the bathroom
    I want one and I'm gonna do it in pink …Love Love Love your site

  6. Since everyone is buying them, I now need a new project. This one is taken by everyone,

  7. Saw the third one elsewhere months ago. Should have given credit. Liked the photo collage.

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