9 Replies to “Why I stopped exercising to lose weight #shorts”

  1. I hope my wife listens to your advice. As since the war in Ukraine , my wife put on alot of weight. Because she is depressed abd and ????…in whats going on in her country.

  2. I've been exercising for over 40 years – because it makes me feel great. High intensity, low impact, weight training, everything feels great.

  3. I was always told that the best exercise for you is the one you will do.

  4. But youre still hyper focused on being a thin weight. Its clear from your other videos that your ideal state of health for everybody is through “weight loss”. I just hope you realize that many people who are actually healthy have some meat on their bones and fat on their stomach.

  5. Bike riding is for me, but I noticed that going too far was too stressful and triggered cortisol causing weight gain. ????

  6. I started exercising recently and someone asked me what my “goal” was. Really, my goal is to just incorporate exercising into my regular life regardless of what numbers are on a scale. I dont even weigh myself unless I’m at the doctor.

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