Why I'm removing most of the peaches from my tree…

Removing fruit is counterintuitive until you realize that less fruit = more resources devoted to them = better fruit!


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10 Replies to “Why I'm removing most of the peaches from my tree…”

  1. My parents had a peach tree in their backyard but they never pruned the baby peaches To give the branches support and prevent breakage my dad would just tie the branches together with strips of fabric. we picked the peaches as they ripened and made SO MUCH peach preserves.

  2. Why don’t you remove and thin when the fruits are even smaller? Would save the tree from using energy to put into fruit that will be removed. Thanks!

  3. Brace your branches bro using chicken wire qnd string .. Ur wasting 75% of ur fruit

  4. A way of earning income back in the '60s in Yakima Washington for teenagers, was to "thin" apples in the Summer (just as you see him doing here with peaches). I did a lot of it, but wonder if teenagers do that any more.

  5. What! Noooo I didn’t know that! I just got my first peach tree ???? I grew up with a mango tree in our patio so I planted a fruit tree for my son ❤
    But I’m glad this showed up! Just in time

  6. I did that for the first time last year and let all the baby peaches fall to the ground as I thinned them. After which the local squirrels tried them out finding how much they loved them and then proceeded to strip the entire tree! They had never touched the tree before. Lesson? Don't leave the thinned peaches on the ground.

  7. I planted a peach pit last year, so who knows when it'll fruit and if I'll remember to do this ????

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