Why USB Changes Every Couple Years

If you’re tech-savvy, this fact won’t surprise you: USB port isn’t universal. There’re now different types of USB cables and ports that vary in shape and size. So very often we end up getting an adapter. Why does USB keep changing and why do we have so many USB types. We’ve gathered the most common tech facts you don’t need to be a Pro to know.????

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13 Replies to “Why USB Changes Every Couple Years”

  1. No wonder USBs are important for people today. They help in storing lots of files, but these days, cloud computing is common.

  2. Absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with why they've changed USB so many times! ????

  3. I'm from czechia and it's not robota but robot . For example : Ten robot ( that robot )
    Kúp mi toho robota ( buy mi that robot )

  4. Headline: USB changed 10 times.
    Video: Yesterday you had breakfast for lunch and u will eat 3 squirrels in your lifetime.

  5. Wow a click bait from a channel having 40+ million subscribers , that's something new never believe that a big channel can do a cheap ameature thing.

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