Wild Western Monster Snake Hunt

#Monster #WildWest #Snake
This week, I created another monster hunt diorama featuring a terrifying snake. The little hunting party has a sneaky plan to catch the snake, but I’m not convinced things will pan out in their favor.


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24 Replies to “Wild Western Monster Snake Hunt”

  1. Brilliant and very talented I think you should bring a book out I would certainly be interested in purchasing a copy 😀

  2. Amazing as always 😍 how about the settlers being ambushed by a pack of small but very dangerous monsters? So now the hunters become hunted?

  3. I know the wild west is the theme with the desert, but what if you did one that's a snowy scene with a run in with a Yeti? Maybe a Yeti fighting a pack of wolves?

  4. I'd love to see a scene of two of these monsters fighting each other with some wagon train folk watching in horror. Maybe a giant monster jackalope vs a dire coyote? That'd be pretty sick

  5. Love the montage at the end!! It's really awesome to see the extended wild west dioramas in one body. The cohesion of thematic elements is really quite astounding when you see how vastly different the compositions of the individual pieces are. Now I want to see whats flying around up in that wide western sky!!

  6. Love your videos!! you should paint outside more often. Nice little side story haha

  7. It’s a genuinely amazing world you make with these dioramas man. If there was a movie or anthology show surrounding this world I’d watch it.

  8. Do you have all these scenes set up on a table creating the western world? Your work is awesome to watch!

  9. It came out great! I really respect your ability to tell a story in very little space. I know scale plays a part but you also have a knack for editing your information. 👍

  10. Really great work! I'm relatively new to the channel but I've been binging your stuff and its all so good!!

  11. Great stuff! I know you’ve probably thought of this already but I really would like to see all of the WW dioramas connected to one another!

  12. From the Diary of Christopher Earl

    May 22, 1862

    Today was a bad one, We lost 3 men to the Monstrous snake. John was our fastest runner so we knew he could out run the snake but…. but it struck with such speed none of us had seen before. We didn't even hear John scream. It thundered towards us and we took off runnin, the plan was back on! Get the snake below the rock. I turned my head to see it push past Cody with such force he was flung into the canyon wall a sickening crack as he landed head first into the rock. I couldn't chance another look at it, I pushed harder than I ever have my heart pounding so loud I'm sure Wayne up top hammering away at the trap rock could hear it. I heard a loud pop and was overjoyed to know the rock was hurtling towards this killer to end it. I turned around again to see the carnage we brought upon the snake. I was met with the sight of Tab holding a smoking rifle, the snake was rearing almost its full height towards him, it blocked out the sun. It looked down at Tab as if he was nothing but a pebble throwing sand against a mountain, in an instant the snake swallowed him whole, no noise as he went down save for one round he was able to squeeze out his rifle. Wayne screaming to run broke me from my stunned state, I turned and ran. It felt like hours of running, I'm not sure how long or how far we ran but at some point while resting Wayne caught up to me and we ran together then. Back at town now we don't know what to do. Wayne lost his brother in that and he wants to go home, and I'm running low on money I wont even be able to leave. But there's rumor of a Spider taking people off a road not to far from town said to have a horde of loot in its burrow…. Maybe we could get another couple of guys to go with us….

  13. If i had to guess when the guy hits the arch the part hes on will collapse leaving the arch in tact lol

  14. As usual, the diorama turned out excellent, though you might be more comfortable with a small picnic table for your outdoor painting // Although a snake that size can reach any of those guys with a strike (including the guy up top) I think it's the guy that got too close that definitely won't make it!

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